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The Samaritan Center has always been dedicated to serving those who can’t always provide for themselves, who challenges outstrip their resources and ability to cope. This time around, it’s the Center who is in need of assistance. With the increasing demand for service, and the addition of program and administrative staff, we have outgrown our current space are severely limited in our capacity to respond to changing community needs. We are excited to announce that the Samaritan Center is moving to a new home - one that can meet our challenges today and into the future. Beyond that, we will be able to give our guests the gifts of light, beauty, and the dignity of a home out of the basement. Although the Samaritan Center’s location will change, it’s devotion and service to those around it never will.

Some of our most pressing needs include:

  • An increase in space to respond to a changing community.
  • Handicapped accessibility allowing access and dignity for those with disabilities.
  • A designated dining area for children and their families with adequate, safe and stimulating surroundings. 
  • Ventilation and natural lighting for guests and volunteers bringing us out of the basement and into the light. 
  • Private meeting space for case management activity respecting the sensitivity and delicacy of the information shared. 
  • A place where people can easily get inside, out of the wet and cold weather, to wait for their meal.

For more information on the project or to discuss being a part of the capital campaign please contact:
John Sindoni at 315-425-2787 or jsindoni@hblaw.com