Annual Appeal 2019-2020

You never know where life will take you.  Most of us dream of a family, a career, a vacation, and friends.  But what if that all changed in an instant?  Your company closes, you lose your job, you become ill.  On any given day your life can drastically change.  If we are lucky, we turn to family.  Now imagine for a moment you have no one to help you during difficult times.  For so many of the people we serve, comfort, love and suppport during hard times is found at Samaritan Center.

Last year your support helped provdie more than 140,000 meals to individuals and families in need, a 12% increase from the prior year.  Our annual appeal represents Samaritan's largest source of support.  Any donation large or small, will help us reach this year's goal and make a difference for those whose lives have taken an unxpected turn.  Please make as generous a gift as you can.   Your donation will make a world of difference because you never know.

Here is what your donation will help make possible